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IWFTDJ new dj merch


IWFTDJ is a contemporary essentials brand providing premium athleisure. Created for US, by a DJ and the people who LOVE DJs. Est 1/1/21, the inspiration for IWFTDJ was birthed from a shift in consumer awareness of the impact of clothing waste on the environment and the desire to offer superior quality merch.  We wanted to create a sustainable, wearable brand that is inclusive and reduces our carbon footprint. Clean lines, modern aesthetic and design, we built the capsule around the T-Shirt. At it’s inception the T-shirt was originally a layering piece made to be an undergarment but has evolved into an essential that is a major player in sports wear, street style, minimalism, casual chic and classic fashion styles. 


Versatile, macrocosmic… the T-Shirt has integrated into all aspects of fashion culture. IWFTDJ elevated the style utilizing pre-shrunk 100% ORGANIC COTTON and a streamline modern design. IWFTDJ's five piece capsule is produced in small batches, available in true black garments with white logo marks. These contrasting metaphors of black and white, darkness and light appear in many cultures. Black and white represent BALANCE. In an era of disproportionate systems/organizations and a transfer of awareness BALANCE is a much needed undertaking. The range includes a unisex t-shirt, crop top, dad hat, socks and washable “Henry” branded face mask.  


Superior quality and fit for our brand is paramount; we ensure the pieces are impeccably stylish, comfortable and durable. Developed as a labor of love, with attention to detail and a true desire to create something that would make YOU happy. Wether you are the DJ or LOVE the DJ, IWFTDJ has something for everyone. Music is the universal language of mankind... where words fall, music speaks. Keep listening. 

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When it comes to the health of humans, animals and the environment, IWFTDJ aims to achieve the highest possible level of product quality. We use organic cotton and eco friendly shipping/packing materials wherever possible. Organic cotton is a more sustainable clothing solution. It is grown without pesticides from seeds that have not been genetically modified. Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals and fewer resources. It leaves the soil, air and water free from contaminates and produces around 46% less CO2 emissions compared to regular cotton. 


The environmental crisis caused by textile waste is significant. The EPA estimates that in 2017 of the 16.9 million tons of textile waste generated in the U.S., only 15.2% was recycled, which resulted in 11.2 million tons of textile waste ending up in landfills. Consumer behavior has shifted towards buying new clothes frequently, as we purchase more more textile waste end up in landfills. In less than 20 years the volume of clothing Americans discarded doubled and will continue to climb if we do not make some changes. 


Most people are unaware the impact clothes have on the enviornment. Textile production requires significant amounts of chemicals, water, energy and other natural resources. It takes 713 gallons of water to make one cotton shirt. When consumers throw away clothing in the garbage it can take 200+ years for the materials to decompose in a landfill. During the decomposition process, textiles generate greenhouse methane gas and leak toxic chemicals and dyes into the groundwater and our soil. The average American generates about 80 pounds of textile waste, IWFTDJ is pushing for change in this area utilizing organic cotton tees and recycled/compostable shipping materials. Organic cotton lasts/wears longer; compostable mailers can be reused and will biodegrade. 


By purchasing an IWFTDJ Organic cotton essential tee you are taking action against textile waste. Wear your shirt, love your shirt and if ever you decide to not wear your shirt pass it on to someone else to love. Clothing swaps, textile recycling, clothing rentals and donating to charitable organizations are all ways to help. As IWFTDJ continues to grow we will adding additional organic cotton items to the collection. Buy better quality classic clothing and wear it longer! 


The essential tee is purchased from a certified OEKO-TEK !00, AMFORI BSCI, ZDHC and ECHA vendor.

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